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Suzlon sells China plant for $60 million

Freshly business news, the world’s fifth largest India’s biggest wind power maker, Suzlon announced to combine development with an innovative partnership model with China. It is selling its Chinese subsidiary Suzlon Energy Tianjin to China Power (Tianjin) New Energy Development Company for $60 million. “We are re-aligning our strategy in the Chinese market with an [...]

Shenzhou-9 set to dock with Tiangong-1 in two-days

An historical moment for China, Shenzhou-9 (Divine Craft) space ship, one of the longest and heaviest rocket China’s long range missile launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Gansu province. The launch has made on Saturday, successfully carrying three astronauts – one of them is 33 years old Liu Yang, China’s first woman in [...]

Himachal Pradesh Police arrests eight Chinese spies

As per breaking news, the Himachal Pradesh Police has arrested eight Chinese nationals from Joginder Nagar in Mandi District in charge of illegal stay in India. Taking these Chinese nationals under custody on offense of visa violation, the police have informed the Intelligence Bureau. Source report said, on basis of tourist visa, these Chinese spies [...]

Indian PM Manmohan Singh on historic visit to Burma

In yet in history, India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh meet with Burma’s President Thein Sein on Monday for strategic talks over better joint relations in trade and energy sectors in wake of boosting security cooperation to kept away from rival China’s influences. This visit is a historical moment in Indian economic as since 1987 in [...]

Google wins China’s approval for Motorola deal

Google, the world largest search giant is in way to build “Android as an open-source platform” in wake of making the No. 1 mobile OS globally and for that Google earlier had pledged to make freely available the Android to its entire hardware manufacturer. Amongst all, it was China that had not get approval all [...]

China, Japan, US to experience ‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse

Amazing scene of ring of fire around the surface of moon as it passes in front of the fiery globe will have to been seen in sky in next week as a partial solar eclipse in which the moon pass in front of the sun. Since 1994, the event will be for first time in [...]

Agni-5 Test Fire: India not a rival, says Chinese Foreign Ministry

On Thursday, India recorded a successful launching of Agni-5, Indian homemade nuclear-capable missile that has a strike range of over 5,000 kilometers. This test is appreciated by all developing countries of world and China also reacted cautiously and ensured to have deep relations with India, not a rival. Liu Weimin, official source of Chinese Foreign [...]

BRICS summit: Member countries condemns the West for financial mismanagement

Global multilateral institutions as developing the next World Bank was the top agenda of BRICS summit, but top member nations on Thursday criticized the West for financial mismanagement. They declared dialogue of BRICS was based only on current events like a peace plan in Syria and Iran, a complete lack of objective statements that they [...]

North Korea’s rocket launch will break UN pacts

World’s most powerful nation United States took decision to eliminate its nuclear material after threatening announcement by North Korea’s rocket plan to blast a satellite into space next month aboard for nuclear missile development. The aid of North Korea, China that said the launch of Rocket is exactly what North Korea wants, is agree to [...]

China aims to launch Long March-5 into Space

Being a massive explosive, China is ready to launch its next generation rockets of a heavy-thrust carrier that could help China send men to the moon and fly to deep space in the future. Announcing the preliminary completion of all project, Liang Xiaohong, a member of the National Committee of the 11th Chinese People’s Political [...]