China aims to launch Long March-5 into Space

Being a massive explosive, China is ready to launch its next generation rockets of a heavy-thrust carrier that could help China send men to the moon and fly to deep space in the future.

Announcing the preliminary completion of all project, Liang Xiaohong, a member of the National Committee of the 11th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, said, “If approved (by the government), the heavy-thrust carrier rocket will be able to meet the demands of any proposed Chinese mission in space.”

China’s planning to launch is next generation Long March-5 carrier rocket in 2014. It is designed with a lift-off thrust of 1,000 metric tons that enables it to send a maximum payload of 25 metric tons to the low-Earth orbit and a payload of 10 tons to the higher geo-stationary orbit.

The first hydrogen box that will be used to store fuel for the Long March 5 rocket has also made by scientists.

As per report, Long March 5 rocket will more than triple Chinese rockets’ carrying capacity in outer space, sought to develop non-toxic, low-cost, reliable and safe carrier rockets to build a space station.

To being equal space with Russia, U.S. in development of heavy thrust launchers, China is aiming to boost capacity, developing a new family of launch vehicles, including Long March 5 to 7.

Liang, also deputy head of China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology confined in his statement, “The Long March 7 will be able to carry cargo spacecraft for China’s future space station program and fulfill the long-term needs of the country’s manned space program, is expected to take its maiden flight within five years.”
In addition, the country also plans to establish its own space lab around 2016 and a manned space station around 2020.

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