Earthquake in north India today, 19th so far in 2012

In north India, national capital, a mild tremors, measuring 4.9 on the Richter scale with Haryana’s Bahadurgarh as epicentre, felt a little after 1 pm on Monday.

As per report, a mild earthquake hit at a depth of nine kilometres below the earth’s surface for less than ten seconds.

The effect of tremors were also felt in parts of Haryana and also in region close to Bahadurgarh – including Gurgaon, Rohtak, Jhajjar, Hisar, Bhiwani and other places. But no casualty or loss to property was reported to Police.

A senior MeT official said, “The intensity was 4.9 and the epicentre was Bahadurgarh on the Delhi-Haryana border and its adjoining satellite towns in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana at 1:11 pm.”

Seismic Zone mapping saying, done by the Geological Survey of India (GSI), Delhi is among 30 cities in the country falling in zone IV, which is defined as a severe intensity seismic zone. This is the third tremor in Delhi since September last year of 4.2 magnitudes with Haryana’s Sonepat as epicentre.

However the quake took disruption of office buildings and satellite towns of New Delhi, but there were no immediate reports of any casualty.

Even at one time Delhi was come on the roads as people pulled out of their homes and offices because of having shirk in the earth’s surface due to quake.

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