North Korea’s rocket launch will break UN pacts

World’s most powerful nation United States took decision to eliminate its nuclear material after threatening announcement by North Korea’s rocket plan to blast a satellite into space next month aboard for nuclear missile development.

The aid of North Korea, China that said the launch of Rocket is exactly what North Korea wants, is agree to co-ordinate with U.S. to use its power to prevent a launch, if North Korea wants to go for any “potential provocation”.

According to the White House saying, Chinese President Hu Jintao indicated to Mr Obama that he was taking the North Korean issue very seriously and was registering China‘s concern with the government in Pyongyang.

On Monday, in Seoul the two-day nuclear security summit opened in presence of US President Barack Obama along with all the top leaders from 53 nations who criticized the North Korea’s rocket plan recent decision that view as a biggest harmful matter for their country.

Seeing threatening clouds over country’s future, addressing the summit Obama asked for removing their nuclear stockpiles and forecasting more commitments from other nations during the two-day summit as like a number of countries had done from two years ago.

U.S. decision to cut its own nuclear stockpiles urged North Korea and Iran to dismiss their atomic plans.

“By now it should be clear, your provocations and pursuit of nuclear weapons have not achieved the security you seek, they have undermined it,” Obama warned the North Korea during his speech. “And know this — there will be no more rewards for provocations. Those days are over. This is the choice before you. This is the decision you must make.”

In defense of it, North Korea called its plan “a peaceful satellite into orbit” is deal with celebration of the April 15 of the birthday of North Korean founder Kim Il Sung.

Refusing about timing of launch to link with this week’s nuclear summit, Koh Yu-hwan, a North Korea professor at Seoul’s Dongguk University said, “North Korea can demonstrate to the world how volatile and tense the situation on the Korean peninsula is, with the launch.”

In place of collaboration over this issue, the nuclear armed country warned U.S. “If it does not keep its promise of trading disarmament pledges for much-needed food aid, then it fires a third long-range nuclear rocket”.

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