Iran set to launch nuclear reactor today

Iran will show its power of having extraordinary capability as several unspecified nuclear “achievements” will have to release today.

Iranian achievements will be regarded to several completed nuclear projects. This nuclear programme will show the world the extraordinary capability and knowledge of Iranians.

While confirmation made by Iran President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over nuclear projects, all eyes are set on this programme.

The programmme that underline “nuclear power for all and nuclear weapons for none” will be inaugurating by President. In the presence of Iranian President, several nuclear projects that are made will be unveiled.

Iran has also promised to insert its first domestically made nuclear fuel plates into its Tehran research reactor. But it has strongly dismissed all allegations and claims made regarding its projects. It said its nuclear activities are only for being a strongest nation as they are “peaceful in nature”.

And today Iranian will release their power that will make them to be strongest nation.

The International states, US and European Union have already claimed that Iran is going to be built its nuclear weapons in range of enhancing its power. Iran may be enriching uranium to make nuclear projects.

For pertaining Iran to be negotiated to halt its nuclear activities, they have tightened economic sanctions on Iran. Along with US, Israel is also in the race to showdown over the Iran’s progress in nuclear projects that has deeply unsettled the West and Israel.

It has strongly suspicions from last few months over the Iran’s internal strategy. The most tensed fact is that it is planned to make nuclear weapons for settle down over all world as being a bigger nuclear power country.

On the other side, Iran has claimed that it has not refused to talks with world powers over its nuclear programme. Though it wants to re access negotiations, but has yet to formally reply to a letter sent by EU foreign policy chief offering negotiations.

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