China, Japan, US to experience ‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse 150x150 China, Japan, US to experience ‘Ring of Fire’ Solar EclipseAmazing scene of ring of fire around the surface of moon as it passes in front of the fiery globe will have to been seen in sky in next week as a partial solar eclipse in which the moon pass in front of the sun.

Since 1994, the event will be for first time in past 18 years that an annular solar eclipse will be seen in this weekend by millions of people in Southeast Asia and the western U.S. up to 4.5 minutes.

According to NASA, the eclipse will start at sunrise in southern China on Sunday, as the moon makes its voyage across the sun; at one point, as much as 94 percent of the sun will be covered.

This event mostly be happened twice a year but usually can only be seen from few places on Earth.

People of Southeast Asia will enough to be lucky to see the eclipse on Monday, and people in the U.S. states of Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Texas will be on Sunday, according to NASA.

“Because some of the sun is always exposed during the eclipse, ambient daylight won’t seem much different than usual,” NASA Science‘s Tony Phillips said.

“Instead, the event will reveal itself in the shadows. Look on the ground beneath leafy trees for crescent-shaped sunbeams and rings of light”, he added.

This event that have risk of permanent eye damage if people see with naked eyes, should not even be look with sunglasses as they are not enough to protect eyes from the glare.

As per source report, the experts say a safe solar filter or an astronomer’s filter made specifically for Sun viewing are the best options.

It has been said that next time more dramatic – more than annular – a total eclipse of the Sun will be view in the Earth on August 21, 2017.

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