NASA Scientists Discovers History of Asteroid Impacts in Earth Rocks

History of Asteroid 300x230 NASA Scientists Discovers History of Asteroid Impacts in Earth RocksThe latest research study of US space agency NASA concludes that billions of years ago, giant asteroids hit Earth with more frequency that was higher than the previously thought.

These asteroids, similar or larger than the one is the cause of the dinosaur extinction, believed to have killed the dinosaurs, would have seemed to be 10 km in diameter.

As per research which is based on study of ancient rocks using computer models in Australia, 65 million years ago, atleast 70 asteroids of similar size hit Earth at the same time while approximately four similarly-sized objects impacted the moon.

Researchers collected thin rock layers that contain scattered pieces in shape of spherical, sand-sized droplets called spherules. These small molten droplets treats as millimeter-scale evidence were ejected into space within the huge plumes created by mega-impacts on Earth.

Talking to media about study, William Bottke, principal investigator of the impact study team at the Southwest Research Institute in Colorado said, “The beds speak to an intense period of bombardment of Earth. Their source long has been a mystery.”

The latest finding of killer asteroids were published Wednesday in the journal Nature, support the theory Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in which after formed in different orbits, they moved from one area to new as their current orbits about 4 billion years ago from the interplay of gravitational forces in the young solar system.

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