Moon, Jupiter to converge in conjunction on Tuesday

Jupiter Moon conjunction 300x201 Moon, Jupiter to converge in conjunction on TuesdayOn Tuesday evening, the people of India can see the togetherness of two brightest planets Jupiter and Moon.

This scene will be possible to see with a naked eye, while the sun goes down, at time of sunset, Jupiter and Moon, in the winter sky, will get together and create a beautiful conjunction.

Conjunction is a process in which celestial bodies come close to one another as seen from the earth.

Talking to media, the president, Science Popularisation Association of Communicators and Educators ( SPACE), C.B Devgun, released in a statement ,”There will be a spectacular sight in the sky tomorrow (Tuesday) as the moon and Jupiter will be placed very close together. The celestial activity will be impressive and it can be seen with naked eyes.”

He also reveals that as moon comes in between earth and Jupiter, a conjunction is going to happen and the giant planet will look about ten times brighter than a star in the sky.

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