Parliamentary Panel wants Army Chief VK Singh’s explanation

vk singh1 300x242 Parliamentary Panel wants Army Chief VK Singh’s explanationOnce again the Army’s most controversial Chief General VK Singh took the Parliamentary Panel into a huge shocking movement through report of Indian Army’s move to supply of bullets and shells.

It has doubted that General may be know much about media report that a possible movement of two army units towards Delhi in the public domain in mid-January.

On basis of this shocking report, the members of the panel now decide to summon Army Chief General VK Singh next week to explain how much truth in media report is.

A week ago, a confidential letter to the Prime Minister had leaked in which General had posted the critical shortcomings in ammunition and equipment. The much worse situation is that ammunition that is stocked for less than 10 days of war.

According to Gen, army’s move report was “absolutely stupid”, he said, “Whosoever is trying to make stories against the army is deplorable. “And what it shows is that people are unnecessarily trying to throw muck at both the government and the army and such people should be taken to task.”

Source reported that, member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence Naresh Gujral said, “This is absolutely shocking. We had no idea that this was the state of affairs.”

As per him, making a request to the Chairman in a Standing Committee meeting about summon the Army Chief by asking because whatever is coming out in public domain is absolutely startling and shocking and it is something which causes great concern in their minds.

However, the presentations that made by Army always showed defence’s preparedness is lacking of certain ammunition in case there is war because of war reserves are worse. On other side Air defence also said of worth less war reserves because of the blacklisting of certain firms by the government.

Centre should ask Defence Ministry official and the minister to the Parliamentary board instead of Army’s chief, that why defence’s preparedness is lacking to schedule today, the Former Director General, Infantry, Lt Gen (Retired) Shankar Prasad said.

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