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General VK Singh latter to PM, warns of security issues to India

Few days back the respected Army Chief VK Singh gave a shocking statement on bribe in army deals. And now, General VK Singh has written a letter to Prime Minister. It is said in reports that VK Singh said in his latter that India’s security might be at risk owing to the fact that tanks [...]

Army Chief VK Singh names Lt Gen (retd) Tejinder Singh in army bribe case

In a big crack-down in Army bribe case, the Army Chief VK Singh has once again given a socking statement. The army chief has today named retired Lft Gen Tejinder Singh in the incident in which VK Singh was offered a bribe of Rs14 crore. In regards to this, when media tried to approach Defense [...]

I was offered Rs 14 crore bribe: General VK Singh

One side Anna Hazare is fighting against corruption, and on the other hand a surprising statement came from the Indian Army Chief. General VK Singh has recently said in an interview that he was offered a bribe of around Rs 14 crore by an equipment lobbyist as a move to have a tranche of 600 [...]

General VK Singh Age Issue: SC to hear plea today

The army chief General VK Singh’s age row petition will hear by the Supreme Court today and the court will hear the over all matter from both sides. The major steps has been taken to solve the age row issue and the finance minister Pranab Mukherjee also met with General in a day before hearing [...]

Govt. asks to change DOB of Army Chief General VK Singh

On 3 Feb, the Supreme Court will hear the petition that was filed by General VK Singh as issue of his age that created by govt. to treat his date of birth as May 10,1950 instead of May 10, 1951. But today, 5 days before the hearing , the ministry of Defence has written a [...]

Army Chief Age Issue: SC to hear today on VK Singh’s DOB

The Army chief general V K Singh who has brought the government in Supreme Court by filling a plea against it for claiming his DOB 1950 instead of 1951 is able to set down the UPA govt. under his strong defensive content as the proof of Legal document of Matriculation certificate. As per source report, [...]

Army Chief Age Issue: VK Singh sues Govt.

Taking a straight forward step by the Army Chief General VK Singh, now today govt. has come up in the Supreme Court to clarifying its attempt on VK Singh’s false Date of Birth. As per govt. the DOB of general is 10 May, 1950 and on basis of this he should retire on 31st of [...]