Use your camera to click photos of the International Space Station

Now it can possible to take picture of international space station from your own backyard with right equipments that capture the images of it, reported by NASA photographer Lauren Harnett.

Photographing the International Space Station seems like something that could be done only from space, but NASA photographer Lauren Harnett, who took these photos, has proved that it would be easy to capture the Space Station exhaustive scene from your hometown.

Explaining her technique for photographing the station with the moon as the background, Lauren Harnett said that you could choose just about any landmark that is special to you to put in the foreground, as long as you’re careful to ensure the lighting conditions are right.

Along this, something is to be needed that are one Camera Equipment , Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera, 600 mm lens (or the largest you have), 2X telephoto lens converter (amplifies lens), Trigger cable (minimizes camera shake), Tripod (heavy duty works best), Sandbag (keeps tripod stable).

She explained that First we should determine when the space station is flying over area and decide where to set up your equipment to take the photos. Then use the tripod that takes some time as compared to other device to perfectly adjust. Set up the tripod and camera pointing toward the moon. The tripod may be adjusted accordingly.

Defining her situation, Harnett said, “Clouds can make it tricky. It can be a cat and mouse game finding the moon.”

Harnett set her camera’s shutter speed to 1/1600 of a second, aperture at f/8 and ISO to 2500. This may depend on the size and brightness of the moon or your foreground object, but this is a good starting-point. Use the High Continuous Burst setting to capture the most images per second and sure to use the manual focus.

“It is a good idea to take a few test shots to ensure everything is set as you want. A few minutes before the station is expected to fly over, check the viewfinder again to ensure the moon is still in the shot, as it also is moving across the sky,” she said.

However press and hold down the cabled trigger when the space station is in the field of view. The station will easily identify when it come to the view and can see with naked eyes.

Exciting thing is that NASA invites people on Facebook and Twitter to share photos of the space station and tell them the story about how and when people took them.

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