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9 killed, 27 injured as Pune bus driver hijack bus

A mentally disturbed Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation bus driver Santosh Mane who was coming from the wrong side of the Pune-Solaapur Road, has killed 9 person and 27 injured by smashing all the vehicles coming on his way today morning. As per report, 30 year old driver was mentally disturbed and ran away after [...]

Narendra Modi starts his one day fast in Godhra, six activists arrested

Today Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the BJP leader goes one step ahead to strengthening the peace and communal connection between all the people for removal of the caste crisis from the nation in form of a day fast in Godhra. Godhra is the place where at least 1200 people were killed in riots of [...]

Inter-caste marriage baby can’t be denied quota benefits: Supreme Court

In India Inter-caste marriage got acceptance of public after a much struggling period. There are many disputes over the marriage of one person of Upper caste with another that is from Scheduled caste. While such dispute has resolved another one is proceed regarding the child of inter caste marriage couple. As per source report, the [...]

BSF helicopter crashes in Raipur, 3 injured

As per official source report, A BSF helicopter has crashed at the Mana airport. In this incident no life is to be gone but three persons are to be injured. During test fly a BSF helicopter crashed and along with a pilot two persons injured badly. Though they have admitted to the hospital as soon [...]

CBI recovers the bat used to smash Bhanwari Devi

The Rajasthan police have found another clue with help of divers, the bat that was used to hit Bhanwari Devi. Bhanwari Devi, a nurse who lived near Jodhpur, disappeared from near her home in September. On the CBI’s report the bat was found by divers in the canal that was used to smash her skull [...]

BJP urges President to reconvene parliament for Lokpal Bill

On Thursday, the matter of adjourning the Rajya Sabha on December 29 midnight without any defended result is turn into another mode when the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) asked President Pratibha Patil to reconvene the winter session of Parliament for a vote on the Lokpal bill. After party leaders, including president Nitin Gadkari and star [...]

Five killed, four injured in building collapse in New Delhi

As per the latest reports from New Delhi, another major incident took place as a building collapse here today morning. Today, in the national capital of the country, by a LPG cylinder explosion a building has collapsed, killing five people and four others injured. Talking about incident, the police said that the incident took place [...]

Bhanwari Murder Case: CBI arrest key suspect’s brother

On Friday night, Om Prakash Bishnoi, the brother of Bishna Ram Bishnoi who is a suspect of Bhanwari Devi missing case, has been arrested by Rajasthan police. The CBI had announced a cash reward of Rs 5 lakh for any information on Bishnaram. Bishna Ram Bishnoi accused of disposing Nurse Bhanwari Devi’s body shortly after [...]

Union Budget may be postponed: sources

After deciding the date 4 Feb. to start five poll-bound states assembly elections, now the schedule for the Union Budget is expected to be postponed for few days. A government sources report said, “The Union budget and Railway budget are likely to be tabled in the first week of March” The delay in the Union [...]

Australian teen gets 13-years jail for killing Nitin Garg

In a judgment of a murder case in Australia, 13-years jail sentence given to an Australian teen for killing an Indian student, Nitin Garg in a Melbourne park in January last year. The murder case had turned out to be a diplomatic row. The 17-year-old, who cannot be named, confessed in the court that he [...]