Acer rolls-out ‘World’s Thinnest’ Ultrabook

Published on January 9, 2012 by in General News

acer ultrabook 300x186 Acer rolls out Worlds Thinnest UltrabookAccording to the latest news from the world of Technology, Acer had once again come out with the sparking new device.

By launching Aspire S5, which it reckons will also be the first Windows-based PC to feature a Thunderbolt port, Acer has unveiled the ‘world’s thinnest’ moniker upon an Ultrabook.

With it Acer has become the most recent company that deals ‘world’s thinnest’ Ultrabook release which Toshiba has already made that claim.

However the Aspire S5 deals with the exhaustive features of just having 15mm its thickness, weighs less than 1.4kg and gear up with a 13.3in display, just like its predecessor, the Aspire S3. (more…)

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Twitter crashes due to overloaded New Year messages

Published on January 2, 2012 by in General News

twitter crashes 300x300 Twitter crashes due to overloaded New Year messagesTwitter, the Social networking site was stop working for an hour in Britain when there were so much New Year messages posted in it by site users.

Along with Britain, Japan was also enlisted. The site was overloaded and crashed at 3 p.m. Saturday midnight at the time when revelers were sending a record 16,197 tweets per second on New Year’s celebrations.

Having over capacity with messages in Twitter, no one could post new messages or read existing ones. If any one tried to do it, the user was greeted with the error message: “Twitter is over capacity.”

While Twitter came back in its form to work, there were several other occasions that celebrated by the arrival of New Year in different parts of the world, were stopped.

2012 is the historical year for Britain, with the Olympics, the Paralympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee set to be defining moments and celebrating a grand success, the meltdown happened as the world welcomed in 2012, report released by The Daily Mail. (more…)

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Facebook flirting leads to divorces

Published on January 1, 2012 by in World

facebook flirting 300x300 Facebook flirting leads to divorcesRecently a report revealed by the law firm Divorce-Online that Facebook, a social networking site having millions users – is becoming a major factor of divorce.

However Facebook is the main reason of having hurdles in marriage breakdowns and is used as a major source of evidence in divorce cases.

Experts with computer forensics degrees can find just about anything in your computer and can use the information in court.

The managing director of Divorce-Online, Mark Keenan, said in his statement, “Facebook has become the primary method for communicating with friends for many people. People contact ex-partners and the messages start as innocent, but lead to trouble.”

“If someone wants to have an affair or flirt with the opposite sex then it’s the easiest place to do it. People need to be careful what they put on Facebook as the courts are now seeing a lot more evidence being introduced from people’s walls and posts in disputes over finances and children,” he added.

Records made by the firm shows that in past year at least 33% of the 5,000 behaviour petitions filed. Facebook was cited as a reason for a third of divorces last year in which unreasonable behaviour was a factor.

On the basis of the Daily Mail report, the firm said it had seen a 50% jump in the number of behaviour-based divorce petitions that contained the word ‘Facebook’ in the past two years. (more…)

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AT&T will launch first 4G LTE Windows Phones

Published on December 30, 2011 by in General News

On Thursday a report revealed that AT&T which has a much larger 4G LTE network will be the first to offer a Windows Phone with LTE device.

The AT&T will announce the launching of three LTE-enabled Windows Phone Smartphone at the Consumer Electronics Show, in early January.

Although LTE tries to compete with Google Android and Apple in the U.S. market and at present, none of the Windows Phone Smartphone support LTE device in the market.

By using this, AT&T can easily established and boost the market. That’s why Verizon Wireless and AT&T have already begun testing LTE-enabled Windows Phone devices in their labs.

The expectations are made that The Nokia ACE, HTC Radiant, and Samsung Mendel will also jump with LTE device in 2012 .Besides major investment has been made by Verizon in Google Android devices for its LTE network. It will next offer the Nokia Lumia 710 in April of next year without LTE after same announcement made by T-Mobile USA. (more…)

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Banks increases interest rates sharply to attract NRE deposits

Published on December 25, 2011 by in General News

Now having economic slope down, the new strategy is being used to hike the price of value by The Reserve Bank of India is to deregulate interest rates on non-resident external (NRE) rupee deposits and ordinary non-resident accounts.

And there are many banks that have increased the interest rates on fixed deposits held by non-resident Indians (NRIs). Private lender Yes Bank has increased to 9.6 per cent from 3.82 per cent.

Beside this, the interest rate on non-resident external (NRE) rupee deposits to 9.25 per cent from 3.82 per cent has been fixed by IndusInd Bank.

But tremendous hike in rate of interest on NRE deposit has been made by the Lakshmi Vilas Bank that is fixed lender different terms. (more…)

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HTC calls to fight back against Apple

Published on December 21, 2011 by in General News

From the previous year, Apple has fought legally with HTC and Samsung. And in this fighting, HTC has to face many problem and struggle for raising market segment.

However there are multiple patent litigations, which have Apple been embroiled.

And infringing Apple’s user interface is one of them.

By ruling against HTC Company, the judge announced his judgment in that case and said that the company was infringing one of the Apple patents in that case.

Meanwhile HTC lost a patent case against Apple on a patent involving linking and analyzing data and resulting in an import ban on some products. So, The U.S. govt. had banned on HTC product. (more…)

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Nokia boosts mobile shipment to India in 2011

Published on December 20, 2011 by in India News

Fresh technology news reveals that the mobile market in India is growing and 12 percent growth reported in the mobile phones shipment in the last quarter to hit the mark of 47.04 million units.

Every year, there is a 13.8 percent growth to the International Data Corporation’s (IDC) in the third quarter of this year, issued by Mobile Phone Trackers.

Talking to media, Deepak Kumar, Research Director at IDC, India said, “Notwithstanding a sharp decline in the mobile service subscription adds during July-Sept 2011, the mobile phone shipments witnessed a spurt, as vendors built channel inventories ahead of a long festival season. Dual-SIM handset shipments were notable with a sequential growth of 25.2% over the previous quarter.”

Meanwhile, Nokia reported a huge growth in the overall mobile phone shipments during the third quarter by 6.8 percent as compared to the last quarter, while another market leader Samsung reported a flat growth of 5 percent in the same period.

During the third quarter of this year, Nokia had 31.8 percent of the mobile phones shipment share, Samsung is second with 17.5 percent. In the smartphone market, Nokia leads once again with total share of 35.3%, but Samsung came closer at 26%. (more…)

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Nokia Lumia 800: step towards the iPhone market in India

Published on December 18, 2011 by in General News

nokia lumia 800 300x225 Nokia Lumia 800: step towards the iPhone market in IndiaAfter better response given by European consumers in Nokia’s first Smartphone using Microsoft’s Windows Phone software, now Nokia has launched its Lumia 800 and 710 in India three days ago.

Stephen Elop, the Nokia president and CEO has got two new phones, Lumia 800 and 710, out of the lumbering giant in fewer than nine months.

However, real specification and feature of these handsets is the slew of dual SIM. There are a lot of things that Nokia did right in the dual SIM segment.

Nokia is the company which always known for its best quality, affordable price rate and high durability. Many consumers bought Indian brands because there was no Nokia option. As soon as they had one, the choice was Nokia. That is the reason of its constant demand in market. (more…)

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Sony rolls-out tablet S and P in India

Published on December 16, 2011 by in Business

Sony Tablet S P Promo 300x200 Sony rolls out tablet S and P in IndiaSony company that is always known for its attractive look and high speed facility, is now jump into tablet market by launching its 3G Tablet S and Tablet P series.

After Apple, the Sony is the big name of company who introduce Google’s Android powered Wi-Fi-enabled tablets.

In fact, Sony has launched its tablet S and P devices model in India and the price fixed on it is starting from Rs 29,990.and there are so many customers in tablet market who awaited such models, so by taking advantage of it, Sony is easily get the attention of market by its attractive look and hardware facility. (more…)

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