From the previous year, Apple has fought legally with HTC and Samsung. And in this fighting, HTC has to face many problem and struggle for raising market segment.

However there are multiple patent litigations, which have Apple been embroiled.

And infringing Apple’s user interface is one of them.

By ruling against HTC Company, the judge announced his judgment in that case and said that the company was infringing one of the Apple patents in that case.

Meanwhile HTC lost a patent case against Apple on a patent involving linking and analyzing data and resulting in an import ban on some products. So, The U.S. govt. had banned on HTC product.

But in recent report, it is declared that the time period of suit has been finished. HTC has finished the workaround to avoid the patent Apple hold involving user interfaces.

In an interview, HTC CEO Peter Chou said, “It’s [the infringing tech] actually quite rarely used.”

But HTC Company still it seems to be its victory, because it thought that out of the ten cases of infringement that Apple alleged, the ITC only found infringement on one of the patents. Great work by the paralegals handling the case!

Moreover, the time period given by the courts to HTC until April 19, 2012 to comply with the ruling. HTC still maintains that while it lost the patent case and was found to be infringing on an Apple patent, that the suit was a win for it. HTC is well playing this game by already completed its workaround.

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