Prepaid mobile recharges service opens in Kashmir

Replying to the huge number of public indignation and seller protests against its order to provide details of each recharge made on prepaid cell phones, the local police has yesterday announced to take back its order.

As per the statement issued by the Jammu and Kashmir police yesterday afternoon, saying, “Instructions issued to recharge vendors to maintain records of customers have been rescinded, following assurances by mobile service providers to provide such details centrally..”

Talking to media, the official from the state police said, “Accordingly, the district police authorities have been asked not to collect any details vis-a-vis the subject matter, henceforth, from recharge vendors.” Read More

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Govt’s new Telecom Policy sets 8% fee

Govt’s new Telecom Policy sets 8% fee

The investors of telecom firms have a good news that now all the past months hurdles that dogged telecom sector have now being removed after Govt’s new telecom policy new telecom policy welcomed as a step forward.

A new telecom policy will have some norms of a uniform licence fee and making spectrum tradable at market-linked rates, to which the government should move with some exceptions in the right direction.

The policy has dealt with some recommendations of the sector regulator like restriction on 3G Spectrum sharing is one such area. As per key policy measures, telcos operating will be allowed to share 2G spectrum and all future allocation of airwaves will only be through auctions. And Future licences will be delinked from spectrum and companies must buy bandwidth at market rates. Read More

Amazon Eliminates Resellers’ iPads From Sale in China

In these days, the tablet market is going to be hotter and its hotness has grown by recent twist between Apple and Amazon over an ongoing legal battle for the iPad tablet.

Apple Inc. asked to remove resellers’ iPad 2 tablet computers for sale in its Chinese website. According to people familiar with the matter, the request was made because the site is not an authorized reseller to sell the device.

A trademark dispute between the Cupertino, California consumer-electronics giant and a Shenzhen, China-based subsidiary of Proview International Holdings Ltd has been starting for two years ago. Read More

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Google & Yahoo probed in India over Forex laws

google yahoo 300x212 Google & Yahoo probed in India over Forex lawsAs per the breaking news, the Wall Street Journal has reported that the central government of India has announced that it investigating whether the Indian units of U.S. Internet companies Google Inc and Yahoo Inc may have violated the country’s foreign exchange laws.

The newspaper further reveals that notice have been sent to the Indian units that they are being investigated for potential violations.

The reports have been said from a senior official at a division of India’s central finance ministry, which monitors foreign exchange transactions as well as money-laundering activities. Read More

Microsoft India store hacked by ‘Chinese group’

Microsoft india 300x243 Microsoft India store hacked by Chinese groupA big shocking news for technology seekers that Microsoft has stopped today after Indian web store users login hacked by Chinese hackers.

This has come in attention while the user names and passwords of some customers may have been leaked, and users are being advised to change their passwords. Along with them, punters’ logins and passwords were also stolen by the hackers.

As per source report, Evil Shadow named hacker group had attempted to deface the web site, posting an image of a V for Vendetta mask and the message: “Unsafe system will be baptized.”

They also left a message and posted, “We are not famous; we know that there are other experts among us, people who are even better.” Read More

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New Mahindra Xylo launched on Wednesday

New Mahindra Xylo 300x216 New Mahindra Xylo launched on WednesdayThe latest technology sector news reveals that Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, India’s premier utility vehicle (UV) firm, has finally launch the new version of Mahindra Xylo in New Delhi on Wednesday, February 8, 2012.

Meanwhile, the newly launched vehicle by the company [Mahindra Xylo MPV] is powered by the Mhawk engine in top end E9 model and voice command technology (VCT) to control the SUV.

M&M chief executive for automotive division Pravin Shah said, “This technology is adopted for the first time ever in the auto industry in the country, probably in the world, and has been developed in-house and is patented.” Read More

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HCL demands bidding option for Aakash II Tablets

Aakash II tablets 263x300 HCL demands bidding option for Aakash II TabletsIn some interesting news from Technology sector, it is said that major IT and tech firm HCL has showed their interest in the bidding for the Aakash II tablets after the governments issued an expression of interest (EoI) for it.

The declaration was made to media by a senior company official at the ISA Vision Summit 2012. He said, “HCL Info may offer its expertise in manufacturing as the demand for the tablet has reached the million mark.”

Though, the Union Minister for HRD, Communications & IT, Government of India, Kapil Sibal has earlier said that the ultra-low cost Aakash tablets will soon be available for free to every Indian student.

Mr. Kapil Sibal also said in his speech that the central government will soon introduce Aakash II, the successor to the first generation Aakash tabs, which is a faster and more professional version of the Aakash that was introduced earlier. Read More

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Google will remove offensive content, Facebbok need 15 days to remove

facebook google 300x234 Google will remove offensive content, Facebbok need 15 days to remove21 social networking sites along with Facebook and Goggle, the trial court have directed them to remove the offensive contents from the site which hurt sentiments of people. And Google India has done as per the court’s order that it has removed certain webpages from the internet that deals with objectionable contentment.

But World’s most popular website Facebook whose earning has been estimated more than 100 times, said that it is not able to control the working of servers located in United States.

Like Yahoo and Google India, the court had ordered all 21social network websites on December 24, 2011 to reply on the notice issued to them on a complaint by founder of Mufti Aijaz Arshad Qazmi under civil case who demanded the removal of certain “anti-religious” or “anti-social” content in form of images of Gods and Goddesses, besides some morphed images of Indian politicians which might hurt religious sentiments. Read More

Uninor announces to bid for 2G Spectrum auction

uninor 287x300 Uninor announces to bid for 2G Spectrum auctionAs per the latest technology sector reports, the new telecom operator Uninor, a JV between Telenor of Norway and Unitech, today announced that the company will take part in 2G spectrum auction though the company did not rule out exit option from the Indian market.

The announced was made when Uninor managing director and Telenor’s Asia head Sigve Brekke talking got media, he said, “In principle we will go for auction but I am not saying that whether we will win everything … So, the option of exit cannot be ruled out.”

He added that the company will soon finalize its policies after going through the base price and the reserve price for the spectrum.

Earlier, the licence of Uninor has been cancelled by the Supreme Court along with other new operators. Supreme Court’s judgment last week orders to cancel the licences of 122 2G licences in connection of illegally in January 2008 by ex-telecom minister A Raja. Read More

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Infosys shuffles top management, Srinivas, Vemuri interchange positions

infosys Srinivas 216x300 Infosys shuffles top management, Srinivas, Vemuri interchange positionsAs per business sector news, two directors of world’s largest IT firm, Infosys will be switching their role from April.

The Company announced that two directors who has joined the board in June 2011, named as B. G. Srinivas, Global Head of the Manufacturing and Engineering Business, and Ashok Vemuri, Global Head of Financial Services and Insurance Business, will be switching roles with effect from April 1, 2012.

Interacting with Media, S. Gopalakrishnan who is an Executive Co-chairman of Infosys said, “The rationale for the change is in keeping with the Infosys 3.0 strategy.”

He added that the board of company that they joined together, wanted to give them both exposure to different business realms.

The company board has decided that they both will have now running different field of business activities as per their experience in the field. Read More

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