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Amazon launches two new Kindle tablets

According to latest news, the well-known online retailer Amazon has recently announced to launch two new Kindle tablets in the works. The new two new Kindle tablets include a new and improved 7” Kindle Fire tablet and a bigger 10” tablet. Now, if talked about the features of new 7” Kindle Fire, it has a [...]

Apple refuses e-book pricing scheme

The giant company, Apple, had refused charges that the company had schemed with publishers to increase costs for e-books, describing itself as a hero for prying Amazon’s “monopolistic grip” from the market. In a statement issued by an official from the company, Tom Neumayr said, “The DOJ’s accusation of collusion against Apple is simple not [...]

Amazon Eliminates Resellers’ iPads From Sale in China

In these days, the tablet market is going to be hotter and its hotness has grown by recent twist between Apple and Amazon over an ongoing legal battle for the iPad tablet. Apple Inc. asked Amazon.com to remove resellers’ iPad 2 tablet computers for sale in its Chinese website. According to people familiar with the [...]