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Apple aims cheaper iPad to compete with Google’s Nexus 7

As per latest news report, Apple has in plans to introduce its latest thinner iPad by end of this year in wake to maintain its position in the market, facing toughest challenge from its major competitors Microsoft and Google. As per information provided from source familiar with this, debut of new Apple’s iPad is likely [...]

Apple refuses e-book pricing scheme

The giant company, Apple, had refused charges that the company had schemed with publishers to increase costs for e-books, describing itself as a hero for prying Amazon’s “monopolistic grip” from the market. In a statement issued by an official from the company, Tom Neumayr said, “The DOJ’s accusation of collusion against Apple is simple not [...]

Apple’s new iPad powered with ‘Retina Display’

Enjoying the 4G service with Apple’s much robust and well created iPad, technology seekers did not need to wait because the newly crisper iPad with LTE has launched yesterday by Apple to replace iPad2. At an event for March 7 in San Francisco, Apple announced launching its iPad 3 as a boosting entry with its [...]