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Apple launches MacBook Pro with Retina Display

As per latest launch of Apple, its newest 15-inch MacBook Pro thinner will specified with a gorgeous Retina display, ready to catch the eyes of users across globe with its stylish look and light design having a mere 0.71 inches and weighing just 4.46 pounds. Launching the all news thinner and lighter designed MacBook Pro, [...]

New iPad: What is in store?

While Apple astonished everybody by labeling its third generation iPad as the new iPad and not iPad 3, we will provide reasons for you to decide if the new iPad breaks new ground with its striking features. The amazing screen with the Retina display providing a resolution of 960×640 pixel is one significant reason to [...]

Apple’s new iPad to go on sale from Friday

Apple’s new variant iPad will now ready to capture the attention of users at Apple’s retail stores and its online store as it to go on sale on Friday in the US along with nine additional countries. The new third generation iPad whose name still not to be decide will hit the store Friday at [...]

Apple’s new iPad powered with ‘Retina Display’

Enjoying the 4G service with Apple’s much robust and well created iPad, technology seekers did not need to wait because the newly crisper iPad with LTE has launched yesterday by Apple to replace iPad2. At an event for March 7 in San Francisco, Apple announced launching its iPad 3 as a boosting entry with its [...]