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Apple intros its premium product iPad Mini to Boost Tablet Rivalry

Apple Samller iPad 150x150 Apple intros its premium product iPad Mini to Boost Tablet Rivalry

Finally Apple CEO, Tim Cook has introduced in front of world media, a smaller version of the iPad , iPad Mini offering customers best option to hands on low-cost tablets than Microsoft Corp., Amazon.com and Google.

As per media information, Apple landed its fourth generation iPad mini, a thinner and slimmer having a 7.9-inch screen with a much faster processor and Wi-Fi connection which is twice as fast as previous model. Read more

Apple iPad Mini unveils on October 17?

 Apple iPad Mini unveils on October 17?Little indications are there that Apple is launching its new and smaller iPad this month, and if believes on it then first question come in mind that what specification are supported by Apple’s newest iPad to set market contest.

Apple’s main target would be offer as per current competitive devices features such as wider display with excellent updates version of OS. The reports said that the iPad Mini will have to come with a 7.85-inch touch screen display, following a strategy to beat 7’ as well as 8’ tablet. Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note 800 in India for Rs 39,990

Galaxy Note 800 150x150 Samsung Galaxy Note 800 in India for Rs 39,990Samsung aims to triple the sales of tablets in the country, around 1.5 million in 2012. the statement was said by Ranjit Yadav, company’s India head for IT and mobile division.

Ranjit Yadav was talking to media at the launch of Samsung’s flagship tablet ‘Galaxy Note 800’.

Mr. Yadav said, “India is one of the first 10 markets in the world where the Galaxy Note 800 is being launched.” Read more

Samsung ordered to pay $1 billion to Apple

Finally, along waiting trial on Apple-Samsung legal battle has over as a nine-member jury in a federal court of California favored Apple’s claim on patent infringement by Samsung Electronics Co and awarded more than $1.05 billion on Friday.

Rejecting South Korean Samsung’s counter appeals, the federal court ruled that Samsung found guilty of infringing on Apple’s design of rectangles with rounded corners and utility patents on six of seven smartphone design had copied Apple’s iPad and iPhone patent, violating patent rights. Read more

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