The Samsung Galaxy S4

 The Samsung Galaxy S4

After gaining considerable ground in terms of functionality ahead of Apple, Samsung recently released its new phone under the Galaxy series. The new Samsung Galaxy S4 blows away the competition by being one of the most innovative and exciting gadgets to arrive in 2013.

Two months after its release, we were finally able to get a hold of the new phone when Vodafone India announced its “All-in-One” plan published in IB Times . After watching countless videos on YouTube, the phone certainly lives up to its functions. Some of its key features include a 13 MP camera, a powerful quad core processor, a TV/DVR remote, the ever popular NFC, user replaceable battery and a slot for your microSD. Some of the cutting edge additions include the Air View that gives you the ability to hover over an SMS and see a preview of the message, hand gestures that answers an incoming call and the very unique feature of editing out unwanted photobombers in your picture’s background. This new phone also has a Smart Pause that pauses any video you’re watching when your eyes divert from the screen. There are a lot of programs integrated in this new phone making it the perfect device for a modern home, letting you integrate your smartphone as a personal cloud device.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini march23 The Samsung Galaxy S4 Apart from the nifty additions to this phone, the ability to connect via a 4G network enhances any of your online interactions. We decided to give it a test by going to poker sites like partypoker . Poker sites tend to be vibrant with colours that gives us a measurable gauge as to how good the screen resolution is and its interactive gaming system allows us to fully gauge a phone’s ability to navigate through browser interactions and measure its response time when making fast bets and raises. Since the partypoker’s website also has instructional videos, it’s definitely the ultimate proving ground for any new phones out there. It’s also one of the few that offers an Android app that lets us test its compatibility and playability with existing programs in the open market. Any phone that performs well in all of the website’s aspects deserve to pass our scrutiny with flying colours indeed.

The only downside that we can see on this new phone is the fact that it’s still made, predominantly, of plastic. Most of the high end phones we see on the market are often heavier and more resistant to physical breakage due to the fact that it’s mostly made of metal. While the plastic body certainly gives Samsung the convenience of having a user replaceable battery, it could benefit from sturdier material as well. Overall, it’s certainly the current phone to beat out there in terms of functionality and features.


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