Microchip Drug delivery device found, may replace injections

Microchip Drug delivery device found, may replace injections

In the medical science field, there is a big relief for the weak heart people who afraid of being injected as new microchip “Drug Delivery Device” has revealed.

The ill health patients whom doses are ported through injections into the body, the new drug delivery devices could serve as vital pathways for administering medicines.

Drug delivery system is deal with a wireless programmable microchip that helps to deliver doses of drugs into the body without any little pain.

This amazing modern medicine wireless device will help in treatment of patients who have to be injected medicines in a particular disease.

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Govt’s new Telecom Policy sets 8% fee

Govt’s new Telecom Policy sets 8% fee

The investors of telecom firms have a good news that now all the past months hurdles that dogged telecom sector have now being removed after Govt’s new telecom policy new telecom policy welcomed as a step forward.

A new telecom policy will have some norms of a uniform licence fee and making spectrum tradable at market-linked rates, to which the government should move with some exceptions in the right direction.

The policy has dealt with some recommendations of the sector regulator like restriction on 3G Spectrum sharing is one such area. As per key policy measures, telcos operating will be allowed to share 2G spectrum and all future allocation of airwaves will only be through auctions. And Future licences will be delinked from spectrum and companies must buy bandwidth at market rates.

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I was a fool to try and do Devdas, says ShahRukh

shahrukh devdas book launch 300x192 I was a fool to try and do Devdas, says ShahRukhThe King Khan of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan has recently said that now feels he was a fool to try and step into the shoes of Dilip Kumar.

He was talking to media about the iconic character of Devdas in a 2002 remake

Meanwhile, Dilip Kumar had played the role of Devdas in 1955 and the film was directed by Bimal Roy.

Superstar Shahrukh was talking to media after launching the book The Dialogue of Devdas, “I was a fool to say I will do Devdas, I feel I shouldn’t have done it. I have a very deep regard for the fact that my parents loved Devdas. I was young and it was very stupid of me to do it. But I had the blessings of Dilip Sahib.”

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26/11 Case: Kasab’s dairy reaches Supreme Court

While Supreme Court publicly announced that 26/11 Mumbai terror attacker Mohammad Ajmal Amir Kasab’s diary which was recovered from the boat, Kuber, is now in hand of it, all are want to know what secrets are stored in it.

As per report saying, there are several contents in 24-year-old Kasab‘s diary, the sole convict in 26/11 Mumbai terror attack.

These are written in Urdu and also the intercepts of telephonic conversation among the ten slain terrorists and their handlers in Pakistan.

The recovery in diary cleared that 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, in which 166 people were killed, was “pre-planned and pre-arranged” on the country’s commercial capital by Pakistani terrorists.

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SC permits NTPC’s appeal against Italian Company

This month govt. might be seemed to put major attention on business sector and does not allow any illegal threat over it.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court disqualified and officially declared invalid the decision took by Delhi High Court over permitting Italian Company to bid for power equipment.

While NTPC had invited bids for supply and installation of Steam Generator package, the super-critical power equipment, for run coal-based thermal power projects across the country.

While Italian boiler manufacturer Ansaldo Caldaie Boilers (ACB) applied for bid, NTPC, following international competitive bidding procedures had dismissed the bid of ACB, on January 5, 2011, due to lacking of minimum qualifying requirements that set out in the bid documents.

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Honduras Prision Fire was World’s deadliest fire

The world’s deadliest prison fire of 24 continue hours, broke out in Comayagua in which around 358 prisoners died under security of only 51 guards by day and 12 at night .

A Honduran prison burned down after a fire started by an inmate setting fire to his mattress as a fight broke out, through the prison that had been locked inside an overcrowded facility. As per source report, Most of the prison inmates had not even been convicted of a crime and more than half of inmates were awaiting trial or being held as gang suspects.

In a massive fire burned through six barracks, bodies were found piled up in the bathrooms while some were in baths and laundry sinks. Fire crews rushed to the prison and arriving within two minutes after getting a warning to burn the place down by the inmate who lit a mattress a few minutes later.

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Baby Falak Case: Police recovers Falak’s brother in Uttam Nagar

The Delhi Brutality case has now paved a way to clear each and every little fact that becomes it more confusing.

After Baby Falak’s Father Rajkumar has arrested by police, a new one as a five-year-old brother of baby girl has found in Uttam Nagar.

While 21-year-old Falak’s mother Munni’ came in contact with police, a search was launched in Delhi and Bihar for finding Falak’s brother who had been missing for months.

Still Munni’s DNA test is not conducted to match it with. And it is expected that now DNA test will be done on a day of this week, with both Munni and a boy to match it with a baby girl.

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India protests over Indian fishermen deaths in Italy

Two Indian fishermen who were the part of the Italian merchant vessel crew killed by Italian armed guards that will be arrested under the murder charges today.

The Italian merchants navy ship called Enrica Lexie an oil tanker, from which gunshots were fired killing two Indian fishermen off Alappuzha on
Wednesday, will allowed coming soon from Kochi port where Italian oil tanker docked.

As per reports, gunshots that shot at the fishermen, tried to carry on with the journey, without informing maritime authorities about the shooting.
Nine fishermen out of 11, who were on boot, were sleeping. The two, who were awake at the time, were fired upon without warning.

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Amitabh Bachchan to undergo another abdominal surgery

The super star of the Hindi Film Industry Amitabh Bachchan has yesterday said on his social networking site Twitter that he will have to undergo another surgery and so that he will have to stay in the hospital for long.

Meanwhile, the 69-year-old actor is presently undergoing a treatment at the Seven Hills hospital. He posted on Twitter that he was required to make another visit to the operation theatre.

Though, the actor gave no details about the operation, he posted, “Some more tests… more unpronounceable medication…and… another visit to the OT… operation theatre! Going to be a long stay.”

He further posted, “I have no idea now how long this will take, but it does look as though it will be long… thank you for your prayers and love.”

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