Honduras Prision Fire was World’s deadliest fire

The world’s deadliest prison fire of 24 continue hours, broke out in Comayagua in which around 358 prisoners died under security of only 51 guards by day and 12 at night .

A Honduran prison burned down after a fire started by an inmate setting fire to his mattress as a fight broke out, through the prison that had been locked inside an overcrowded facility. As per source report, Most of the prison inmates had not even been convicted of a crime and more than half of inmates were awaiting trial or being held as gang suspects.

In a massive fire burned through six barracks, bodies were found piled up in the bathrooms while some were in baths and laundry sinks. Fire crews rushed to the prison and arriving within two minutes after getting a warning to burn the place down by the inmate who lit a mattress a few minutes later.

All injured inmates have admitted in hospitals and to be treated at gunpoint that added more the families’ grief and anger. No one knows what is happened with his loved one. There is a sense of deep frustration and resentment at the authorities.

Survivors, who told of climbing walls to break the sheet metal roofing and escape, accused guards of leaving inmates to die inside their cells and shooting at others who tried to escape the flames that burned victims alive.

Rosendo Sanchez who serving a 10-year sentence in crime of murder, awoke as the blaze started. Escaping from his cell block, he said, “”It was hell here, seeing your friends, people you have known well, burn alive. I see guards firing at other inmates trying to escape from one of the worst prison fires in history.”

Murderous, violent street gangs, rampant police corruption, dysfunctional courts and brutal drug cartels are ravaged in this Honduras country. And now the Honduran government is under great pressure due to criticized by U.S. govt. for severe overcrowding, no medical healthcare, malnutrition and lack of adequate sanitation as dealt with a violation of international law.

They claimed that inmates with mental illnesses, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases, are routinely held among the general prison population. Still mourning by the vigilant relatives continues outside the gates.

All are blamed on govt. for massive overcrowding, negligence by the guards and a failed justice system. But resolving claim on it, Honduran government tries to make this blaze as cause of an electrical fault at the jail. And does not want to answer any questions yet the full investigation have been made over this world’s deadliest prison fire.

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