German President Wulff resigns after Corruption charges

A big loss for Germans has that Christian Wulff, President of Germany has quitted from his position by facing a series of scandals.

German’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel accepted Wulff’s resignation with the “utmost respect and deepest personal regret.”

Announcing its step to resign from Presidential post, Wulff said, “The developments of the past days and weeks have shown that this trust and therefore confidence in my ability to serve have been adversely affected and it is no longer possible for me to continue in my role as president.”

Reportedly the first allegation had made on Wulff at mid-December last year while a Media company revealed that Wulff received a low interest, $649,000 private loan from the wife of a wealthy friend.

Reacting on media coverage, Wulff left an angry message on the answering machine of it. During whole process, Wulff was held in a post of governor of Lower Saxony.

However at investigation time, the Hanover prosecutors had not much adequate evidence that helped to made charges over Wulff illegal act. But now following analyses of the evaluation of further media reports, they have with sufficient factual evidence.

Therefore with evidence, Hanover Public Prosecutors has called for the government to grounds for initial suspicion of receiving bribes or being granted advantages and ask the president have not insisted on right from prosecution..

On basis of evidence and new documents, Hanover Public Prosecutors said, “The Office therefore proposes to the president of the German Parliament that immunity for the federal president be waived.”

The eurozone debt crisis that affecting Germany’s economy, may be enhances difficulty for them to face after Wulff’s resignation.

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