BlackBerry establishes server in Mumbai

Finally a server for lawful interception of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) services is likely to setting up in Mumbai, reportedly said by India’s security official.

As per source report, official said, “A team of officials from security agencies has inspected the server. Test runs are going on to check its effectiveness. Required permission for direct linkage for lawful interception of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) services is likely to be issued shortly.”

A request to provide a mechanism to intercept its enterprise services has made to India’s by Canada-based Research in Motion , makers of BlackBerry smart phones, so that it has had to drop its reluctance to make an exception to its policy of securing communication from any real time interception.

Before last few years, the Canadian company agreed to allow tracking of BBM services and the security agencies had pointed to the use of such means by terrorist groups.

Recently the government has spared BlackBerry Enterprise Services (BES) and around 5,000 enterprise servers are presented for BES.

As per RIM representative, BlackBerry servers follow secure encrypt and decrypt process.

The mobile devices routes encrypted emails to BES and then BES decrypts the messages and sends it to the email server of the service provider. After encrypted the message, it is pushed to the BlackBerry device.

But BES communication services are not as per recommend of Security agencies as it takes place between employees of companies that subscribe to the service.

However Security agencies monitor information on the smart phones lies with service providers. And if they want to put in a mechanism to intercept any conversation of any subscriber whenever required, they should follow the licences norm.

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