The Afghanistan atmosphere is going to be buried in the fire of protest against American NATO troops after NATO forces had burnt copies of the Koran on Tuesday.

Today is the second day of protest by Hundreds of Afghans who show their anger for America by throwing stones and torched tyres, pouring onto Afghans streets.

The overall scene has made more threatened and tensed while the US commander in Afghanistan, General John Allen admitted that Korans had been burnt. He said, they were “inadvertently taken to an incineration facility at Bagram airfield”.

But anger of people was more than troops self restraints, more than 1,000 demonstrators blocked the highway in the eastern city of Jalalabad involved university students with slogan shouting “Death to Americans, Death to Obama”.

Demanding to take strict action against troops, the crowd said, “We cannot tolerate insults to the sacred religion of Islam as we prepared to burn an effigy of US President Barack Obama.”

Though military tried to opened fire in air to stop the protested, but situation is so critical any action took by forces resulted none. The riot is spread from all sides of Afghan as a big crowd has blocked the highways from the capital Kabul to the Pakistani trade port of Turkham.

By seeing the angry protesters whose deeply religious sentiments are being hurt, Allen repeated apology late Tuesday for this. An investigation has been ordered for incident in which troops “improperly disposed of a large number of Islamic religious materials which included Korans”.

Though Korans had removed from the US-run prison at Bagram where outside protests erupted on Tuesday. The reason was that inmates were suspected of using the holy book to pass messages to each other.

However being apologized, the US troops ensured Afghans that along with apology to the Afghans is our certainty and assurance to them that these kinds of incidents, when they do occur, will be corrected in the fastest and most appropriate manner possible.