Drink Coffee to be free from Diabetes Risk

“Drink Coffee to be free from Diabetes Risk”, according to a news health report, a person to be fit and free of diabetics, if he should drink cups of coffee a day.

As per study revealed, a person who moderately drinks coffee a day may lower chances of developing type 2 diabetes compared with those drinking it occasionally or not at all.

As per the team of European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) Germany, Drink four cups of Coffee per day must required for a diabetes patients to remove the risk of it.

In fact, this new study had been tested over 42,659 volunteers who were followed up for almost nine years on average including 1,432 cases of type 2 diabetes diagnosed, 394 heart attacks, 310 strokes cases and 1,801 cancer cases.

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Afghan protests over Koran burning

The Afghanistan atmosphere is going to be buried in the fire of protest against American NATO troops after NATO forces had burnt copies of the Koran on Tuesday.

Today is the second day of protest by Hundreds of Afghans who show their anger for America by throwing stones and torched tyres, pouring onto Afghans streets.

The overall scene has made more threatened and tensed while the US commander in Afghanistan, General John Allen admitted that Korans had been burnt. He said, they were “inadvertently taken to an incineration facility at Bagram airfield”.

But anger of people was more than troops self restraints, more than 1,000 demonstrators blocked the highway in the eastern city of Jalalabad involved university students with slogan shouting “Death to Americans, Death to Obama”.

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New family of limbless amphibians found in Indian mud

An amazing discovery related to a new family of caecilians, a branch of most threatened group of amphibians has been found in northeastern India.

Caecilians are the most enigmatic branch of the amphibians which are internationally recognized on Red List. They live in forest soil and are most closely related to an African group of more than 140 million years ago.

After passing a journey of 250 soil-digging over five years that covered every northeast Indian state, the scientists have discovered a family of Caecilians, a very rear type of species that are very hard to spot.

Speaking about this interesting discovery, SD Biju, head of project from the University of Delhi said, “Caecilians are the most cryptic group of animals, and it’s not possible to identify whether it’s a new species or genus or family just after collecting it.”

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2G Case: Ravi Ruia and other exempted from personal appearance

Ravi Ruia 300x205 2G Case: Ravi Ruia and other exempted from personal appearanceThe Patiala House Court in Delhi has granted Loop Telecom and Essar Group promoters’ exemption from personal appearance after their lawyers appeared in place of them before the court today in connection with the 2G case.

It is of second time that the promoters of Loop and Essar Group were not appeared before court for hearing.

Hesitating to be appearing in court, Ravi Ruia and Anshuman Ruia, promoters of Essar, I P Khaitan and Kiran Khaitan, promoters of Loop Telecom, and Vikas Saraf, Director (Strategy and Planning), Essar, are again issued summons for personal appearance by the court.

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Indian Fisherman Death: Italy minister to arrive in Delhi

Enrica Lexie 300x252 Indian Fisherman Death: Italy minister to arrive in DelhiToday the case of killed two Indian fishermen turns to be political issue after Italy authorities arrested of two Italian marines of ship “Enrica Lexie” who shot two fishermen from Kerala at sea on Sunday.

And this is criticized by Indian police because under Act of Indian Penal code, they were already filed FIR against both marines, on the basis of that incident had happened in Indian terrestrial water.

It is really against Indian law and today in form of further action against Italy, the Indian police will move the Kerala High Court today seeking quashing of the FIR against the marines.

However seeing the signs of diplomatic crisis, now Italian authorities are taking this diplomatic crossfire seriously as a result Italy’s deputy Foreign Minister will arrive in Delhi today to hold meetings with officials of the External Affairs Ministry.

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KFA still to submit revised schedule to DGCA

Sometime a little hope proves to be a successful fact, and this has come true for crisis-hit Kingfisher Airlines. KFA was waiting for SBI’s relief package that will help it for resolving its disruptions in operations.

Now its hope for relief will going to be fulfill because as per KFA’s expectations, today prominent banks that have lent to the airline have reportedly decided to provide a relief package to it.

As per source report, the State Bank of India, including bank guarantee and loan repayment extension, will provide Rs.1200 crore relief package to Kingfisher out of which nearly Rs. 700 crore will be provided in working capital loans.

However yesterday after declaring losses of 444 crores in Q3 with current debt of 1.3 billion dollars or Rs. 7,057.08 crore, KFA had failed to get support of 18 banks that have lent to it by convert more loans into equity.

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Case registered against actor Saif Ali Khan

The biggest breaking news of the hour is that that Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan got into another trouble.

It is said in reports that the actor got into an argument with Iqbal Sharma, a businessman and punched him in the nose last night.

Meanwhile, a case has been registered against Saif Ali Khan at the Colaba police station and he is expected to get arrested soon.

Further, it is also said to media that the Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor was also present with the actor in the pub when the incident took place.

However, Mr. Iqbal Sharma is a resident of Juhu, Mumbai.

The brawl occurred at Taj Palace in Colaba, Mumbai when Iqbal Sharman asked actor Saif Ali Khan to lower his volume.

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Beti B to be named ‘Abhilasha’: Shobha De

As per the biggest breaking news of the day, Bollywood gossips state that actors Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s newborn is expected to be named Abhilasha Bachchan.

Moreover, a tweet from noted author Shobha De makes the news hot on the name of the baby girl.

The author Shobha De tweeted, “Beti B to be named Abhilasha? That’s a stroke of genius. Well done,parents. Abhi and Ash. Truly inspired, if true.”

However, there is no official conformation about any such news from the Bachchan Family.

But yes, this tweet by Shobha De will surely make the news and encourage people to know more about the Beti B, most retweeting Shobha De’s cryptic tweet which does not specifically confirm the news.

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