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Banks give 15-days revival plan, may sell Vijay Mallya’s Goa villa

One by one more blow has been raise on the debt laden KFA as today, source reported, all the banks from them airline had raised the loans decided to sell off Kingfisher’s non-core assets to recover their debts. In the list of Kingfisher’s non-core assets, Mumbai’s House of Kingfisher and CEO Vijay Mallya’s villa in [...]

ICICI sells 4 billion Kingfisher loan to Srei Infrastructure Finance

As per latest business report, beleaguered Kingfisher Airlines is seeking repayment of its debts by selling assets held against their loans raising scope of outside investment. Loosing the hopes of lenders, as per source, one of Kingfisher’s lenders, ICICI Bank has sold about 4 billion rupees of the Kingfisher Airlines’s assets against debts to a [...]

Pilots Strike: 12 Air India, 7 Kingfisher flights cancelled

Impact of worse Aviation crisis downing the flights schedule as AI pilots strike entered the fourth day on Friday and due to less number of pilots 12 international flights were cancelled. AI official told reporters, due to absence of pilots via mass sick leave since agitation begins “All our long haul flights to U.S., Europe, [...]

Jet Airways to set-up more flight service to Dubai

One side where Air India and KFA airlines are badly affected from agitations by their pilots that cancellation so many flights, Jet Airways announced today to open the route for Mumbai- Dubai flight passengers. There are three flights already operated on huge demand of passengers on Mumbai –Dubai sector, and a new one is now [...]

Kingfisher Airlines in talks with tenants to avoid exile

The most debt overloaded Kingfisher Airlines whose 23% equity stake is of Banks, is under serious critical situation as all its lenders left out their hands from any assurance in finance to the airlines due to nonpayment of dues for over six months now. Being afraid of grounding, KFA has decide to meet within next [...]

Vijay Mallya promises salaries by 4th April, cancels 10 fights

Kingfishers, the cash –scrapped airline is now completely under grounded situation as Monday called a full lock out day for it as a number of pilots, engineers, cabin crew and staff refused to call on duty in form of protest outstanding salaries payments. This denied has cancelled ten flights from Mumbai and Delhi, fearing to [...]

International investors not confident about India: Vijay Mallya

Threatening to government economy, the cash-scrapped airline Kingfisher pointed on the economic image of India in global market. KFA, which is seeking in a position to ground down, still showing great but fake confidence and challenged the government as lobbying hard to allow foreign airlines to invest in domestic carriers. Vijay Mallya, the airline promoter [...]

Govt. may cancel Kingfisher Airline’s license: Ajit Singh

The latest business news reveals that the Kingfisher Airlines [KFA] seems to be in trouble once again. The respected Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh has recently said in a press that the Kingfisher Airline has not adhered to plans crucial for its workings. The minister further said that the central government may cancel KFA’s license. [...]

Kingfisher Airline cuts overseas flights, pulled up by DGCA

How many times Mallaya says that all is well with Kingfisher, but actual thing is that nothing is good at this time for the cash scrapped airline. Recent in its statement, the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said that decision on Kingfisher scheduling is related with concern as airline failed to give a recovery [...]

Jet Airways will fix Feb bank accounts till Monday

The next targeted point of Tax authorities is the top Indian carrier Jet Airways which banks accounts, the authorities will have frozen. A 24 hours ultimatum has been given to Airways to clear its outstanding dues of payment about 690 million Indian rupees and if the career does not do the same then the I-T [...]