Jet Airways will fix Feb bank accounts till Monday

The next targeted point of Tax authorities is the top Indian carrier Jet Airways which banks accounts, the authorities will have frozen.

A 24 hours ultimatum has been given to Airways to clear its outstanding dues of payment about 690 million Indian rupees and if the career does not do the same then the I-T department will do as it did with Kingfisher the cash scrapped airline.

“They have 24 hours to make the payment, failing which their accounts will be frozen,” reportedly said by SK Goel, the chairman of the Central Board of Excise and Customs.

While asking to the warned airline, it has dismissed any warning regarding its accounts may be frozen, and said, “There is no truth in the statements made to certain sections of the media regarding attaching/freezing any of the company’s bank accounts.”

But further in the statement Jet Airway said, it plans to pay the amount by Monday.

Jet Airway is facing same situation like of KFA, struggling to make profits, hurt by higher fuel prices, competition and low fares.

I-T department had also issued a notice to Kingfisher last week, asking it to explain why it had not paid about 3 billion rupees of tax and as resulted its accounts were frozen last month over outstanding dues.

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