How many times Mallaya says that all is well with Kingfisher, but actual thing is that nothing is good at this time for the cash scrapped airline.

Recent in its statement, the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said that decision on Kingfisher scheduling is related with concern as airline failed to give a recovery plan to it along with outstanding salaries payment up to certain date.

Due to involvement of so much passengers and employee, DGCA is likely to submit a report with a decision in a day or two on continuance of the airline’s services.

The Union Ministry of civil aviation official, Bharat Bhushan said, “I really don’t have a fixed time by when I am going to act. But the situation can not go on as it is since it is causing a lot of distress to the traveling public. From my side, I am ensuring that whichever aircraft they are taking to the air, there is assured safety. We will meet it as and when it happens.”

There will be no helping hands from ministry side but it ensured to have no self motive to close down the private airline especially KFA that hits financial crisis with around a debt of Rs7,057.08 crore.

DGCA has more focus on public safety to have a regular check up of operation in a safe manner. Therefore, the civil aviation minister Ajit Singh said that there would not be any bailout for Kingfisher.

Meanwhile, the situations are of just wait and watch what step DGCA would take against beleaguered airline KFA. They will have to arrange funds for maintaining the operations because it seemed that DGCA is in mood not to allow the goings on in it to continue for long.