World Bank names Jim Yong Kim as new President

As like it’s repeated a seven-decade term of practice to be deployed an American citizen in presidency state, the World Bank, a delegation187-member institution, has chosen Jim Yong Kim, a co-founder of Partners in Health as its next President.

Jim, 52, is the president of Dartmouth College and was also had a position as a director of the World Health Organization’s department of HIV/AIDS.

Jim, an American citizen who has completed his graduation from Brown University and medical degree from Harvard, will likely to join World Bank’s presidency in July after completion of five-year term of Robert B. Zoellick, Bank’s present president.

World Bank is a financial institution that associates with developing countries, facilitates them financial help in form of loans to remove financial crisis and boost developments.

Jim having experience in social and medical fields, said he would “seek a new alignment of the World Bank Group with a rapidly changing world.”

Welcoming Bank’s offer to be president, Jim appreciated that World Bank is a bank that “amplifies the voices of developing countries and draws on the expertise and experience of the people we serve.”

However he has marked many successful events in his life in field of global health, but he lacked finance and diplomacy subject in which he has no any experience in compare of other nominees- Nigerian Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and a former Colombian finance minister, Jose Antonio Ocampo.

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