As per the biggest breaking news of the day, Bollywood gossips state that actors Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s newborn is expected to be named Abhilasha Bachchan.

Moreover, a tweet from noted author Shobha De makes the news hot on the name of the baby girl.

The author Shobha De tweeted, “Beti B to be named Abhilasha? That’s a stroke of genius. Well done,parents. Abhi and Ash. Truly inspired, if true.”

However, there is no official conformation about any such news from the Bachchan Family.

But yes, this tweet by Shobha De will surely make the news and encourage people to know more about the Beti B, most retweeting Shobha De’s cryptic tweet which does not specifically confirm the news.

Meanwhile, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan gave birth to a baby girl on November 17, the first child for the most loving couple of Bollywood, ex-Miss World and her actor husband Abhishek Bachchan. The delivery took place at the Seven Hills Hospital in Marol, Mumbai.

Further, it is said that Aish-Abhi’s daughter Beti B to be named soon.

On the other hand, the word ‘Abhilasha’ means a wish or desire.