Microchip Drug delivery device found, may replace injections

In the medical science field, there is a big relief for the weak heart people who afraid of being injected as new microchip “Drug Delivery Device” has revealed.

The ill health patients whom doses are ported through injections into the body, the new drug delivery devices could serve as vital pathways for administering medicines.

Drug delivery system is deal with a wireless programmable microchip that helps to deliver doses of drugs into the body without any little pain.

This amazing modern medicine wireless device will help in treatment of patients who have to be injected medicines in a particular disease.

The implantable device has been developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Professionals. The team of professionals has implemented this wireless drug device called teriparatide on a set of women aged between 65 and 70 as a trial to test its efficiency.

Under trial, a microchip used to deliver 20 doses of teriparatide that were encapsulated in minute reservoirs that were shut with a thin layer of titanium and platinum that melted as an electric current passed through it. As the cap melted, the drug was effectively delivered into the patient’s body.

And it was clarified that optimum doses of medicine as similar to that provided by an injection, successfully delivered by the device into the trialed women’s body.

Most advantageous fact in this amazing modern technology is that patients do not have to worry about its effect because there are no side-effects of using this system.