While Supreme Court publicly announced that 26/11 Mumbai terror attacker Mohammad Ajmal Amir Kasab’s diary which was recovered from the boat, Kuber, is now in hand of it, all are want to know what secrets are stored in it.

As per report saying, there are several contents in 24-year-old Kasab‘s diary, the sole convict in 26/11 Mumbai terror attack.

These are written in Urdu and also the intercepts of telephonic conversation among the ten slain terrorists and their handlers in Pakistan.

The recovery in diary cleared that 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, in which 166 people were killed, was “pre-planned and pre-arranged” on the country’s commercial capital by Pakistani terrorists.

Former solicitor general Gopal Subramaniam and special public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam said, “From the diary and intercepts of telephonic conversation between the terrorists and their handlers, three things are clear that the attack in Mumbai on November 26, 2008 was pre-meditated involving ten terrorists who were from Pakistan.”

Meanwhile Kasab whom the apex court seeking for endorsement to the death sentence awarded is helped govt. to explore many secrets of country’s neigbouring nation.

Because now the court has sufficient evidence as his diary that deisclosed the Mumbai attack is to be a “pre-meditated” assault by 10 attackers that were guided by their handlers from Pakistan, across the border.