TRAI: 1p/sec plan mandatory to all operators

Best deal of one paisa per second plan has been made compulsory to be offer users by operators in all service providing areas, as per Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) new recommendation.

“The service providers will be at liberty to offer alternative tariff plans with any pulse rate within the overall ceiling of 25 tariff plans,” TRAI directed its amendment in a statement.

It has ordered all service operators to make mandatory offering their customers one paise per second a tariff plan in each service area along with other offerings for both postpaid and prepaid subscriber.

Although mostly operators had against one uniform pulse rate standard plan for all service providers for customers, but as per recent Indian Telecom Market there is compulsory to maintain stake of shareholders and attract more investments.

Still rate plans are charged more high as more than normal tariff plans rated for a two-way communication. Reason behind this is that the rate of charges also includes content’s price.

Therefore to make less burden of rate plan, TRAI‘s Telecommunication Tariff (Fifty First Amendment) Order 2012 has also mandated for providers not to exceed tariff for calls and SMS more than four times of the applicable local call or SMS charges.

Moreover local customers get less charge and offer best tariff plan that impact operators’ profitability, but it has made possible for them to easily revise its STD long distance tariff plan, both new and existing customers.

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