I am not a psychiatric case: Militant Anders Behring Breivik

Behring Breivik 150x150 I am not a psychiatric case: Militant Anders Behring BreivikThe world latest news, Militant Anders Behring Breivik, a killer of 77 people in a Norway massacre said an Oslo court that two games inspired him for his bombing and shooting.

In last July in Oslo and at a Labor Party youth camp on Utoya Island, Breivik killed 77 people including teenagers in shooting that held with help of the popular military game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and World of Warcraft, the online role-playing game.

During trial while court described his attacks one by one, he was not found guilty himself, though he said, “I am a very likeable person under normal conditions.”

After learning to control his emotions through training to “de-emotionalise” him, he said then he had prepared for his rampage massacre. “I was rather normal (emotionally) until 2006 when I started my training,” he said.

Blaming the Norwegian and European media channels for making ban on ultra nationalists like himself, separated for being wiped over Labour government’s generous immigration policy that of “Muslim invasion”.

Breivik who entered the court on his first trial as a militant nationalist “knight” gave a salute with spreading his arm with his fist clenched. He has charged with acts of attacks, killing of 77 peoples, but he has no guilt on his massacre, said “his actions were cruel but necessary.”

As per source report, in a recent letter Breivik said he enjoyed the trial of court that would be the best opportunity for himself to go with his target. He said, “The court case looks like it will be a circus … it is an absolutely unique opportunity to explain the idea of (the manifesto) to the world.”

Moreover five-judge panel’s decision will decide the fate of 33 years killer whether he may face up to 21 years life punishment sentence or go for psychiatric care.

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