Being deportation, Dharun Ravi a former Rutgers New Jersey State University student will have sentenced to face 10 years jail in the webcam spying case after the New Jersey jury yesterday found Ravi a, guilty on all charges including of bias intimidation, witness tampering, hindering apprehension and tampering with physical evidence.

All such charges were on Indian-American student Ravi, 20, for spying on his gay roommate Tyler Clementi, 18-year-old, who had committed suicide in September 2010 by jumping off the George Washington Bridge.

He killed himself after finding that Ravi had secretly spied on his sexual encounter with his male partner, kissing and had then texted his other friends to watch the encounter online.

Punishment of Ravi after conviction will be set on 21 May and faces a10 year prison term. While court announced its sentence Ravi sat expressionless in a courtroom as the jury read out its verdict in the case.

He faced a series of questions on each charge by the jury for his confrontation of verdicts which was being closely followed by the American media after generated a massive interest across the country.

Talking about his son death Joe Clementi, the father of Tyler Clementi, thanked the prosecutor’s office for giving justice along with the privacy of his son and his friend identified as MB was protected.

He reportedly messaged to young people, “You’re going to meet a lot of people in your lifetime. Some of these people you may not like. But just because you don’t like them, does not mean you have to work against them. When you see somebody doing something wrong, tell them, “That’s not right. Stop it.”

After the Ravi’s conviction moreover his attorney Steven Altman announced to go in Court to appeal in the case.