Hostage Crisis: Better chances of Odisha MLA’s release

After few hours a “people’s court” will decide the fate of abducted BJD MLA, Jhina Hikaka was member of an adivasi body, as per the deal of said by Maoists in an audiotape to Odisha Government.

“We have no faith in the government. We will decide Hikaka’s fate in a people’s court,” Maoist said on Tuesday.

This release would have been made against 13 rebel Naxals, but on Wednesday Maoists refused to decide his fate in a “people’s court”.

They said in an audiotape that they had doubts on the state government. Maoist leader Aruna claimed the Odisha government not to serious about release 29 Maoists including Chasi Mulia Adivasi Sangh, an alleged frontal organisation of the rebels, in exchange for freeing Hikaka.

She also denied any further extension of their deadline regarding demands that had already extended four times that were April 5 and 10 and now 18.

However government had said to take step for release of 25 persons including 17 members of the CMAS and asked the rebels to apply for bail in courts.

Naveen Patnaik government agreed and said to withdraw cases against 13 people, including— Deba Madhi, Ganga Sodi, Bhima Padiami, Murla Neelam Reddy and Setu Pangi alias Sunita.

It has been hoped that Hikka, 37 who had abducted on 24 March, 2012 by the Andhra Orisha Border Special Zone Committee of CPI (Maoists) would set to free on 19 April.

“We have yet to receive the Maoists’ communication. But the proactive gesture of the government relating to the withdrawal of cases will hopefully satisfy them,” Odisha home secretary UN Behera said in his statement to reporters.

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