Cricketer Yuvraj Singh has cancer, undergoing treatment in USA

There is a very sad news from the world of cricket, as the superb players form the India cricket team, Yuvraj Singh has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Yuvraj Singh was the man of the series in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.

The player also missed some important tournaments in the past few months due to his ill health; this is extremely sad news for the fans of Yuvraj Singh.

Moreover, cricketer Yuvraj Singh is presently in USA where he is undergoing chemotherapy. Earlier, it was said in reports that the player has a tumor between his lung and the heart.

On the other hand, Yuvraj Singh’s chemotherapy treatment started in February and will go on till March. He left for the US on 26th January. Read More

Pakistan knew about Osama Bin Laden hideout: US Officials

Osama bin Laden 300x268 Pakistan knew about Osama Bin Laden hideout: US OfficialsThe main bottleneck in the road of Pakistan-US relation was Osama bin Laden who was killed on May 02 by US Navy SEALs in a raid on a compound in Abbottabad, but still same question is that whether Pakistan did not know about Osama’s hiding Abbottabad compound that was encircled with walls 18 feet high.

This question again spread out through an interview of the US Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta in which he said that some authorities in Pakistan knew that Osama was hiding in Abbottabad compound. “It was the largest compound in the area. So, you would have thought that somebody would have asked the question, ‘What the hell’s going on there?’ ”, Mr. Panetta said. Read More

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India will not decrease imports from Iran: Pranab Mukherjee

pranabmukher 300x248 India will not decrease imports from Iran: Pranab MukherjeeIt is expected that Iran is in a great force to make the nuclear missiles for challenging American troops. Several nuclear reactant centers have also been identified in Iran and while asking Tehran says its nuclear program is for peaceful means.

The US and European Union banned oil imports from Iran earlier this month and they wants from India to do same for pressuring on Tehran to ruin its nuclear projects.

But by rejecting the sanction against Tehran, the Finance Minister of India, Pranabh Mukherjee clearly said that it would not possible for India to cut petroleum oil imports from Iran. Read More

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T-Mobile may roll-out Nokia’s first Lumia Windows Phone in US

The good news for mobile users is that T-Mobile has recently decided to roll-out the all new Nokia’s Lumia phones handsets.

However, the announcement regarding the launch of the Lumia 710 Windows Phone, and possibly the Lumia 800 as well is done by T-Mobile and Nokia on next week in U.S.

The best thing is that Nokia’s Lumia phone is the first handset maker’s devices that run Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system.

In February, A Billions of dollars worth deal between Nokia and Microsoft had been announced and signed in April.

Although it is not confined that whether along with the Lumia 710, Lumia 800 will also be available stateside. But such new handsets are already available in Europe, and Nokia is reporting that at least next year they will have to settle the carrier for Lumia 710 in America. Read More

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