There is nothing personal in it: K Radhakrishan

The allegation of G Madhavan Nair, the former chief of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) against Pratyush Sinha-led committee’s report, has been called wrong by ISRO present chief K Radhakrishnan today.

Having no prolonged feud behind blacklisting Mr. Nair and three other scientists in connection with the controversial Antrix-Devas deal, Radhakrishan said, “Whatever we wanted to say on the subject, we have put on the website. There is a full report and recommendations of the second report, and there is a four-page statement. I don’t want to add anything more. There is nothing personal in it.”

Mr. Nair had alleged that Pratyush Sinha committee report had only defined selective facts and the committee had not given him any opportunity to explain. Nair also claimed that Radhakrishnan is behind all this matter.

But the committee said that there was a personal hearing of Madhavan Nair and he was heard. Therefore, the principle of natural justice has been followed in his case.

Nair, along with other three scientists K Bhaskaranarayana, KR Sridharamurthi, and KN Shankara , all were found guilty of a breach of public trust in 2005 deal between Devas and Antrix. This Devas-Antrix deal which was cancelled in February 2011, containing incomplete information about technical, commercial, procedural and financial aspects.

Meanwhile the govt. has retired all four scientists from their position and also ordered to rescue them from getting any govt. job.

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