MNS Chief Raj Thackeray estranged cousin Shiv Sena Executive President Uddhav Thackeray has also come in the battle of civil polls in Mumbai.

Campaigning for his first political rally in Mankhurd yesterday evening, he attacked on Raj over the issue of the Shivaji Park controversy under which Raj was denied by the High Court to permit his party to hold an election rally.

Pointing to the Raj’s demand for addressing rally on Shivaji Park, Uddhav told gathering that their party members have not need to select the venue for addressing the rally. They start campaign at any place where they stands.

Thackeray has addressed two meeting of the Sena-BJP-RPI alliance in Mumbai. Sena is facing tough competition from both Raj and the Congress-NCP alliance, and now Udhav has placed in the rally with the third generation of Thackeray for campaigning.

Udhav’s two sons Aditya and Tejas who head the Yuva Sena, also participated in the rallies with him. The party has targeted to Congress-NCP alliance and by campaigning, along with their party leaders they are trying to get support of people to vote out the Congress-NCP combine.

Claiming the Congress-NCP, Uddhav said, “Its confusing Mumbaikars. Are they together or not? While they are fighting internally, we are the first ones to come out and address the people. They has stooped to such low levels. The only reason they are coming together for the BMC polls is money, but I am sure Mumbai will not let this happen.”

He also blamed Congress-NCP of making the Adarsh society without taking any responsibility over the society welfare. He also criticized the fact of party to welcomed the corruption tarnished Kalmadi with songs.

Calling Congress-NCP as “corrupt”, Udhav challenged Prithviraj Chavan who holds the CM’s post, to stand opposite him. He claimed that without holding a post he had done mora than that Chavan had not in past one year.

Moreover, 16 February will be the date of municipal corporation and civils polls in Maharashtra in which ten municipal corporations including Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Thane, Nashik will go to polls. All people eyes are set on these polls and to know who will be the next one.