Development in UP is important, not interested to be PM: Rahul Gandhi

Today Rahul Gandhi is in Varanasi and addressing a rally in which he rejected his “obsession to become the Prime Minister”.

Rahul said, “All the political leaders in India, all the top ones, have an obsession with prime ministership. This is not Rahul Gandhi’s obsession. I have another obsession.”

Gandhi defined his obsession with the Uttar Pradesh and wants to transform it by improving state’s condition by working for it that has not happened from last 22 years by successive regimes.

Criticizing BJP leader L K Advani’s yatra across the country during that corruption in Karnataka, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Punjab or in the “coffin scam” in the Kargil war were come out.

As per him, Congress party has always stood against the cause of corruption and without missing any moment they take action as punishment of putting ministers in jail.

Rahul is directly attacking to the opposing party leaders with full force of power. There is no sign of lack of force or strength in Gandhi to have ambition of winning the assembly election.

By using Lokpal as a weapon to take verbal attack on Advani, he blamed the opposition for disallowing the passage of the key legislation.

Addressing the crowd, he said,” Let us make a Lokpal Bill which allows independence, which gives independence and power to Lokpal.”

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