Gujarat riot: 23 killed, 23 acquitted, 23 guilty in Ode massacre case

Tragically in the Gujarat Ode village massacre in 2002 where 23 people were died, burning alive in violent riot, today a sessions court convicted 23 people and 23 have acquitted for want of evidence in connection with this post Gujarat case.

Special Investigation Team (SIT) was investigated this riot case and verdict has pronounced by sessions court Judge Poonam Singh.

Gujarat post riot had clamped at Pirwali Bhagol area in Anand district on 1st March, 2002.

During this, an agitated mob of about 2,000 peoples fired on a house in which a minority communal Muslims had taken shelter.

Over all, 23 people including women and children were killed in a house caused of the Godhra train burning incident.

However, it has reported that a total of 47 were accused by special judge S Y Trivedi who charged accused with murder, conspiracy, rioting, unlawful assembly, attempt to murder and destruction of evidence.

Two accused have been abroad and Hirubhai Patel is one of them whom a red corner notice has been issued. SIT had recommended discharge of one of the accused Arvind Satabhai.

More than 150 witnesses along with 170 documentary evidences have been brought by SIT before the court during trials.

2009 was the beginning of trial, which carried forward on the verge of completion and judge hearing the case resigned in May 2011 citing personal reasons.

Pirwali Bhagol riots was one of the two massacre triggered in Gujarat Ode village during the 2002 riots. The second was of in Malav Bhagol, in which four persons were burnt alive.

SIT has investigated nine cases during trial as per report, while judgements have delivered in two cases, including the Godhra train burning incident and second was of in Mehsana district where 31 persons were awarded life term and 42 others were acquitted.

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