Baby Falak Case: Police recovers Falak’s brother in Uttam Nagar

The Delhi Brutality case has now paved a way to clear each and every little fact that becomes it more confusing.

After Baby Falak‘s Father Rajkumar has arrested by police, a new one as a five-year-old brother of baby girl has found in Uttam Nagar.

While 21-year-old Falak‘s mother Munni‘ came in contact with police, a search was launched in Delhi and Bihar for finding Falak’s brother who had been missing for months.

Still Munni’s DNA test is not conducted to match it with. And it is expected that now DNA test will be done on a day of this week, with both Munni and a boy to match it with a baby girl.

As per AIIMS doctors saying, a baby girl’s condition is as same critical as previous but little bit stable. Due to having human bite, several viruses had been infected Falak’s body, but now infections are being moved out.

Talking to Media, AIIMS neurosurgeon said, “The baby is still on ventilator and remains critical and stable. The good news is that the chest and blood infections have resolved. But the brain infection is still a cause for concern.”

Baby girl has been facing several surgeries since Jan 18 when a 14-year-old girl who claimed to be her mother admitted Falak in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

During her brain surgery, a tube has been inserted inside the brain to drain the extra brain fluid but this is a temporary solution. And once the infection in the brain subsides, the doctors will do a surgery called shunt surgery, inserting a plastic tube from the brain to the stomach to drain the brain fluid. But the health of two-year-old battered girl continues to be critical.

Delhi Police ensured that the boy has been handed over to a child welfare committee and took Rajkumar under its custody for making further investigation that have pointed to a likely human trafficking and prostitution racket.

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