Mahi, 4-year-old, falls in borewell, Army trying to rescue

A four-year-old girl fell into a 70-feet deep borewell in Kho village near Manesar while playing with her friends last night.

The Indian Army has been called at the spot to rescue the girl from borewell, as told by officials.

While talking to media, Mahi’s father, Neeraj said, “Mahi was celebrating her fourth birthday and was playing with children outside the home near the borewell when she suddenly fell into it.”

Now, parallel to the borewell, a big pit is being dug so that to rescue the child.

Chief medical officer Praveen Garg said, “Oxygen is being pumped in the borewell to help the child.”

The rescue team also tried to send the camera into the borewell to fin out the exect position of the child, but it did not provide any important help.

Neeraj said, “As soon as his daughter fell in the borewell at 11pm last night, he called up the police but they arrived one-and-a-half hour late.”

He said, “For two hours the child kept crying inside the borewell, asking for help but now she is not responding to any calls.”

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