Mahi pulled out from borewell, declared dead

The four year old girl, Mahi Manesar,has been pulled out from the 70-foot-deep borewell near Manesar where she was trapped since last Wednesday.

Talking to media, Gurgaon district magistrate PC Meena said, “Mahi has been pulled out from the borewell…she is dead.”

Meanwhile, the girl, Mahi, was soon rushed to the ESI hospital in Manesar after being pulled out from the borewell on Sunday afternoon.

But, the hospital officials have called Mahi Manesar brought dead.

On the other hand, Mahi’s family, which was expecting some miracles to happen, was left shocked and shattered as the news of her death was announced.

Earlier in the morning, the rescue team of Indian Army managed to reach Mahi after three days of tireless efforts.

On Saturday night, the rescue team had faced problems as they found a hard rock in the process of making hole parallel to the 70-feet borewell.

It is said that the piece of the rock was the major hurdle while making a hole.

However, the four-year-old girl fell into the borewell on Wednesday night and it was her birthday, on June 20, her fourth birthday.

Meanwhile, 00 officials were present at the spot including army, fire, police, Gurgaon Rapid Metrorail, health and revenue departments, and locals were involved in drilling the pit parallel to the borewell.

Oxygen was constantly supplied to Mahi since the rescue operation began.

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