Baby Falak dies of cardiac arrest at AIIMS

Baby Falak Dies 300x200 Baby Falak dies of cardiac arrest at AIIMSBaby Falak, two-year old small but battered baby girl who battled from two-months for survival, is no more and dies in New Delhi yesterday night on March 15 following a cardiac arrest.

At 9.40 pm of Thursday, Falak who had shocked the country with her a very distressing painful experience in the recent past, breathed last at AIIMS trauma centre after an “unexpected” heart attack.

Declaring her big shocking death, Dr Deepak Aggarwal, senior professor with the institute’s neurosurgery department, said, “It was unexpected. She was fit to be discharged. She had a cardiac arrest at 9pm. We tried to revive her for almost 40 minutes.”

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Baby Falak recovery fast, discharge expected soon: AIIMS Doctors

baby falak 300x200 Baby Falak recovery fast, discharge expected soon: AIIMS DoctorsNow after fighting for survival from one and half month at the premier AIIMS Trauma Centre, Falak, the two-year-old battered baby seems to be discharged very soon with having signs of improvement.

Talking to reporters about Falak’s health improvement, Deepak Agrawal, assistant professor (neurosurgery) at the AIIMS Trauma Centre said, “She is showing body movements and moving her limbs, she has survived now.”

Agrawal is the one out of a team of 10 resident doctors who has been putting their full efforts to save the life of Falak for the past 43 days.

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Baby Falak Case: Police recovers Falak’s brother in Uttam Nagar

The Delhi Brutality case has now paved a way to clear each and every little fact that becomes it more confusing.

After Baby Falak’s Father Rajkumar has arrested by police, a new one as a five-year-old brother of baby girl has found in Uttam Nagar.

While 21-year-old Falak’s mother Munni’ came in contact with police, a search was launched in Delhi and Bihar for finding Falak’s brother who had been missing for months.

Still Munni’s DNA test is not conducted to match it with. And it is expected that now DNA test will be done on a day of this week, with both Munni and a boy to match it with a baby girl.

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Baby Falak Case: This is a case of Human Trafficking, says Home Ministry

As per fresh updates in the Baby Falak case, the Union home ministry of the country has announced in a press release that this is a case of human trafficking.

The report was released by the ministry after the report submitted by Delhi police.

Earlier, Baby Falak’s case came into light in the month of January this year after the 2-year-old girl child was admitted to AIIMS by a teenaged girl, who is also a victim of sex racket in the national capital.

Soon after the baby falak’s admission to the hospital, AIIMS doctors conducted a life saving operations oh her brain as well as other important test while two were undertakes at a later date.

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Police tracks baby Falak’s biological mother

As per latest news, the Delhi Police has traced Baby Falak’s biological mother. Falak is a two years old baby girl who was brought to AIIMS on January 18 by a 14-year-old girl in a battered condition.

As per Police saying, a 22-year-old woman called Munni who had brought Falak to the home of a woman called Lakshmi about six months ago is the biological mother of Baby Falak.

She had been traced in Rajasthan and has been brought today to Delhi for questioning her about the brutality case.

While questioning to Munni as investigation, she claims to be the baby’s mother. Munni had abandoned from her husband and being frustrated from him, she ran away last year and lived in Lakshmi’s house as her maid servant.

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Baby Falak still critical, back on ventilator

baby falak 300x200 Baby Falak still critical, back on ventilatorFalak’s battle for survival is still continuing. After went out from ventilator, now again two-year-old Falak, who was being battered by a teenage girl, has been put back on ventilator.

The baby girl was admitted in AIIMS Jan 18, on a critical condition with severe head injuries and marks of human bites over her body, by a 14-year-old girl who is now in a juvenile home.

Falak was taken off the ventilator early Friday, but as per report of AIIMS’s doctors, Falak had breathing problems since Saturday night and it is essential for her to put back on ventilator support.

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World Cancer Day 2012: India registers 1 million cancer cases every year

World Cancer Day 2012 300x223 World Cancer Day 2012: India registers 1 million cancer cases every yearFeb 4 is the World Cancer Day. Around 80 percent of men and women are infected by breast cancer when they come to a hospital.

The breast and cervix Cancer are most common among women while men suffer from neck, throat and prostate cancer.

Amongst them urban women are rapidly afflicted with Cancer due to rapid lifestyle changes as delayed reproductive activity, prolonged reproductive period playing hormonal havoc and lack of physical work.

In India, Cancer is rapidly spreading on graph and atleast one million new cancer cases coming up every year in India.

As per the Delhi Cancer Registry data, the number of cancer cases in rural areas is 14.5 per 100,000, whereas in urban areas, it is 26.9 per 100,000.

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Falak Case: Delhi Police says she was kidnapped, suspect’s sketch out

falak case suspect Falak Case: Delhi Police says she was kidnapped, suspect’s sketch outDelhi Police has deployed in search of suspects that are behind recent brutality case of a baby girl. Falak, a two-year-old baby girl whose fight for life is still continue and her condition is so critical that chances of her survival are going to be down.

Falak was admitted to AIIMS Trauma Centre on January 18 through a teenaged girl Mahi who called herself Falak’s mother. The baby girl was bitten by human as human bite marks had on her body. As per doctors report, her head smashed against wall that is the reason of her small memory and cause of go in coma.

On Monday, doctors had performed second brain surgery operation after revealed water accumulation in her brain. Falak is into hospital from last 2 weeks and has kept on ventilator due to her critical condition.

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New Delhi: Falak’s recovering, Govt assures help

aiims 300x198 New Delhi: Falak’s recovering, Govt assures helpFIR has filed by Delhi Police against an unknown person in the case baby brutality case under which two year old baby, named Falak, has beaten very badly along with several injuries on her head , cardiac arrest, broken arms and her body marked by “human bits”.

Falak is admitted in the All India Institue of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) where she is struggling for her life. Doctors shifted her at the neurosurgery ICU of the AIIMS trauma centre for ventilator support. But her chances of survival are only 30-40% and if doctors will able to save her life then it will be not sure that she will be able to lead a simple life due to many heavy injuries that damaged her head and made her to stay in coma.

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Pipili gangrape girl’s father refuses AIIMS offer

pipili gang rape 300x211 Pipili gangrape girl’s father refuses AIIMS offerThe Pipili gang rape turns to a news fact when the alleged girl’s father refused to give his consent while India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi came to him and asked to write consent.

However the victim girl has admitted in the SCB Medical College and Hospital, her condition is critical. So for better treatment and also due to lack of super-speciality facilities of neurological and psychological disorders, she is going to be shift to the AIIMS in the ICU ward.

As per doctors report who are attending her, the girl’s condition is slowly improved but still it is very critical.

But shocking fact is that why girl’s father refused to write consent at the time when his daughter is in hospital and fighting for her life.

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