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Baby Falak dies of cardiac arrest at AIIMS

Baby Falak, two-year old small but battered baby girl who battled from two-months for survival, is no more and dies in New Delhi yesterday night on March 15 following a cardiac arrest. At 9.40 pm of Thursday, Falak who had shocked the country with her a very distressing painful experience in the recent past, breathed [...]

Baby Falak recovery fast, discharge expected soon: AIIMS Doctors

Now after fighting for survival from one and half month at the premier AIIMS Trauma Centre, Falak, the two-year-old battered baby seems to be discharged very soon with having signs of improvement. Talking to reporters about Falak’s health improvement, Deepak Agrawal, assistant professor (neurosurgery) at the AIIMS Trauma Centre said, “She is showing body movements [...]

Baby Falak still critical, back on ventilator

Falak’s battle for survival is still continuing. After went out from ventilator, now again two-year-old Falak, who was being battered by a teenage girl, has been put back on ventilator. The baby girl was admitted in AIIMS Jan 18, on a critical condition with severe head injuries and marks of human bites over her body, [...]

Falak Case: Delhi Police says she was kidnapped, suspect’s sketch out

Delhi Police has deployed in search of suspects that are behind recent brutality case of a baby girl. Falak, a two-year-old baby girl whose fight for life is still continue and her condition is so critical that chances of her survival are going to be down. Falak was admitted to AIIMS Trauma Centre on January [...]