Early detection helpful for autistic kids

At the World Autism Awareness Day on Monday, parents along with their autism spectrum disorder (ASD) infected children are joined at the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum (VITM) across the globe to create and spread awareness about this slowly growing disease.

ASD refers to lack of developmental brain and disorder of a mental condition in which a person has communication difficulties.
Autism child has the wide range of symptoms of levels of impairment.

Autism Society of India (ASI) on Monday organized an event to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day in which 150 autistic students, educators victims and their families together participated.

The ASI’s secretary Ruby Singh, who is also the mother of an 18-year-old autistic boy told reporters, “Autism is a spectrum disorder; while one child can do very well, another one can be just the other way around. The chief minister has made some promises, but those have to be delivered.”

Autistic children need special care and it is difficult for Parents to provide all facilities to their autism children especially education because of lack of schools, infrastructure and coping mechanisms in the city.

Therefore, through this event they demand the state government to take sufficient steps to create awareness on autism.

This brain disorder is also hit record in America, though there has well procedure to diagnose it with much awareness of parents. But in India, it is insufficient.
However, because of science there are several therapies available to help autism children, but much needed fact is about parents.
They know there is something wrong with their kid but may not know that it is autism.

On basis of records, one roughly 88 children is known to be suffering from autism globally. But Sarbani Mallick, founder and director of Bubble Centre for Autism said the government can help check and bring out the correct figure.

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