NRI children custody: Husband blames wife of marital violence

Unusual complications turned the Norway children custody row into another track after NRI parents in Norway accused each other for problems as husband alleged wife of marital violence which he had hidden to get custody of the children.

Anurup Bhattacharya, father of Abhigyan and Aishwarya claimed that he had marital violence problems with his wife Sagarika who beat last Moneday and badly injured him.

Because of having ‘psychological problems’ and not mentally fit, now Anurup wants to be separate from her. He said, “If I concealed the seriousness of Abhigyan’s and our family’s problems it was because I thought that was the only way we could get our children back. But I now realize that was a mistake and I should have spoken the truth right from the start.”

While Sagarika has refused all this claim that Anurup made and will go to Indian Court under law to fight for her children’s custody.

However with this all in all rows, no one is thinking about children what is about them, their life and safety. They are damaged.

On March 23, Indian diplomats are likely to visit to the Scandinavian country to attend the custody hearing with expectation to return children to Kolkata within days been raised by their uncle.

But after this fresh controversy, it may be possible that court hearing has been postponed and now children may continue to live in Norway under the care of Barnevarne.

From last year in May, Barnevarne, the Norwegian Child Welfare Services took care of children because of not having their safety by their parents.