Microsoft india 300x243 Microsoft India store hacked by Chinese groupA big shocking news for technology seekers that Microsoft has stopped today after Indian web store users login hacked by Chinese hackers.

This has come in attention while the user names and passwords of some customers may have been leaked, and users are being advised to change their passwords. Along with them, punters’ logins and passwords were also stolen by the hackers.

As per source report, Evil Shadow named hacker group had attempted to deface the web site, posting an image of a V for Vendetta mask and the message: “Unsafe system will be baptized.”

They also left a message and posted, “We are not famous; we know that there are other experts among us, people who are even better.”

They said that it was done only for getting Microsoft attention nothing else. They posted a link posted on the defaced Microsoft Store page that takes the user to the group’s blog, written in Chinese and titled “7z1’s blog”.

However the working of site is being stopped and site is currently unavailable on internet. The Microsoft experts have not able to find the matter that how is made and what is the way to solve it.

The online Indian stores of Microsoft have been advised users to change their passwords on the site as well as their credentials on any other sites if they used the same ones across multiple online accounts.